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Importance of Curb Appeal

  September 8, 2016   Posted by: Brookside Realty

Curb Appeal

With a competitive real estate market in British Columbia, Canada, it is essential to have attractive landscaping in order to sell your property as quickly as possible. You have probably heard that staging the interior of a home is a good way to increase the offers on a property, but it is also possible to improve the lawns of a home to improve its curbside appeal.


 One: Hire a Home Stager


 Not only can a home stager offer decorating advice for the interiors of the Maple Ridge townhouses for sale, but also, a staging expert can provide a plan to improve your home’s landscaping. The staging expert will take photographs of your home to create computer images that make it easier to see some of the changes that you can make to your home’s lawns.


 Two: Contact a Landscaper


 A home stager and landscaper can work together to make changes to a property’s lawns to give it more curbside appeal. Potential buyers enjoy driving around neighborhoods looking at the Port Coquitlam homes for sale in order to choose the ones that they want to visit.


 Three: Remove Debris From Your Lawns


 New buyers do not want to look inside of the Maple Ridge townhouses for sale that have lawns covered with debris. Make sure to have the decayed plants removed from the lawns to give your home an attractive appearance from the street. Avoid having a lot of items such as children’s toys or lawn care equipment sitting outside.


 Four: Add Colorful Flowers to Your Home’s Lawns


 Adding colorful flowers to your property makes it more attractive from the street because it shows that you care about the exterior and interior of your home. If you have unique flower beds around trees and next to pathways, then a potential buyer will remember your home.


 Five: Create an Inviting Entrance to Your Home


 Having an inviting entrance to your home is imperative because it is the first part of the building that potential buyers notice. Many Port Coquitlam homes for sale look identical, but if you place potted plants and decorative items on a front porch, then your home will stand out from the others.


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